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Your complete guide to trials riding

The 'Your complete guide to trials riding' is a 240 pages book with over 600 (!) full colour photos where more than 40 biketrial moves are explained in detail. From basic exercises to expert moves you'll only encounter on the professional circuit.

The book is written by Julien Happich, trials rider since 1997 and webmaster of the world known website where you can find video tutorials and more. The book goes way beyond what you find in the videos and is the perfect guide for trials fans. From basic stuff like balance and staying upright to hopping, bunnyhop, hopping on the rear wheel, obstacles, drop-offs, side hops, pedal kicks... It's all explained in detail!

The book is recommended by the UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) as a starting point for everyone who wants to focus on trials riding. Be not mistaken, also mountainbike riders can benefit from this book: it increases your confidence, makes you overall a better rider and teaches you to tackle obstacles, analyse your single track and be a better pilot.

We highly recommend this book for every trials fan, whether it is biketrials, street riding or motorcycle trials: it contains the basics and all must-knows!

  • Brand: Sectionzero
  • Sports: mountainbike, motorcycle trials, biketrial


  • Plain, human readable english :-)
  • 216 x 140 mm format
  • 240 pages, paperback
  • More than 600 colour pictures
  • First published april 2012
  • ISBN 978-2-9540212-0-1

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