General conditions


The general conditions determine the rights and duties between the company Arctis BVBA and the buyer concerning the sales of goods and services through the online e-commerce platform of Arctis BVBA, better known as 'SectionZero' or 'Trialshop'.

Each order placed at the website assumes the buyer knows these general conditions.

Only these general conditions are valid during placement of an order. If these general conditions do not describe certain points in detail, we will fall back on similar general conditions within the sector.

Products ordered at the Trialshop will only be sent in the Eurozone (European union) with the exception of Great-Brittain.

Pictures on the website are only for reference and are not bound to the product itself.

The buyer full fills all juridical conditions when placing an order, these are – but not limited to – the correct age or under approval of a mature person.

Placement of orders

New and existing customers can order products through the Trialshop website by adding products to a basket. After placing an order they will receive a customer number based no a personal login.

The placement of an order implies that you agree to the description and pricing of the products.
Prices are always in Euros, including 21% VAT (Belgian value added tax).

Each change of the VAT percentage will automatically be altered on the website prices.
The prices are only valid at date of shipment of the products that were ordered.

Promotions only show a pricing, valid for a certain period.

Arctis BVBA has the right to change prices without notice beforehand.

Important: customers who ordered a product at a certain price will be invoiced based on the prices valid during order if we are talking about products 'in stock'.

Arctis BVBA commits to processing all order if products are available. If a product is not available, Arctis BVBA will inform the customer about this.

Delivery of products

The buyer can return the products within the determined legal terms if the product fails or does not comply with the expected demands. This right is only valid if the product is returned within 7 working days after ordering the product, and if the buyer pays all due shipment costs. The product nees to full fill certain demands (see below).

Orders are delivered in two ways: at home, or at a third party.
Arctis BVBA tries to comply to the shortest delivery term available, if the product is in stock. An average delivery is 5 to 10 days after receiving of the payment of the buyer of the product.

A maximal delivery term of 30 days is valid starting from the day of payment by the customer.

If a problem is determined at the delivery, the buyer must immediately inform Arctis BVBA about this problem. Wrong deliveries or damaged products give the customer the right to return the product immediately or refuse the delivery.

Each complaint concerning wrong delivery, damaged products or damaged quality of the product needs to be reported within 48 hours after delivery to Arctis BVBA by e-mail at

If this term is not respected, each complaint will be refused. Each complaint not valid to the rules above will be ignored and removes all responsibility for Arctis BVBA towards the buyer (customer).

SectionZero (Trialshop) is not a producer of products, all guarantees are determined by the decisions made by the originating manufacturer.

Payment of products

Payment can be done by credit card (Visa/MasterCard) or PayPal.
Payment by international wire transfer is also possible and has our preference. Payment by credit card and PayPal is through a secured paypal website.

Prices are mentioned in Euro and are only valid on date of shipment of the products ordered by the customer. Prices do not include additional costs related to delivery.

Payed amounts are never used as payment beforehand and the payment of the complete cost can be done by online payment or payment through banking software (wire transfer) or credit card/paypal.

The buyer automatically accepts these conditions and agrees to be the rightful owner of the payment means.

Arctis BVBA keeps the right to cancel an order if the payment is refused by officially known financial instances.

Arctis BVBA keeps the right to complete an order if there is a disagreement with the buyer on administrative level concerning an order. The order WILL be processed!


Only products in the original packaging and in perfect, non harmed condition will be accepted as return goods, on the condition that the product is fit for resale.

Damaged, already worn or used products or products with a damaged originating packaging will be refused, not payed back and not replaced.

Products returned by payment at the door will be refused, all shipment costs are for the buyer. The shipment cost is only returned if Arctis BVBA made a serious error during the processing of your order.

Right to cancel a sale

The buyer has the right to return the product within 7 working days after placing the order If the conditions above are followed.
The returning fee is always for the customer. This term starts first day after delivery of the products.

The right for returning goods is free, excluding shipment costs. The buyer may ask to trade the good for a different, similar product, or demand to pay the price back on his/her account.

If you would like to return the good you have the following possibilities: we pay the amount on your bank account within 30 days; you choose a similar article from the shop with a similar value or same characteristics.

Unavailability of the product

If a product is no longer available because our distributors no longer offer this product, Arctis BVBA will inform the buyer as soon as possible and offer an alternative, or offer the buyer the ability to cancel the request.

Amounts in debt to the customer are returned within 30 working days.

If the buyer returns a product without complying the general conditions and reasins for returning a product, Arctis BVBA will keep the right to refuse further orders.


If a buyer is not happy about a product offered on the Trialshop ( website, the customer needs to inform Arctis BVBA immediately so we can find a solution.

The decision whether a product implies to guarantee or not is with the distributor or manufacturer. In no case whatsoever, Arctis BVBA can be held responsible for this decision. No return will be accepted without an agreement by Arctis BVBA.

The agreement to return goods is maximally 7 working days valid. The customer must insure the shipment and choose a correct shipment company.

Products that are returned must include a delivery sheet. All costs and risks bound to a returning shipment is for the buyer.

A product of which the guarantee is no longer valid is not accepted as a returnable product, as well as maintenance products and maintenance products for motorcycles/bikes (brake pads, chains, etc).

If the returned good can not be replaced because it is not in stock, the buyer may ask a repayment of his order.

Validity of a buying agreement

Ordering is done through the Trialshop website. After registration the buyer can confirm his/her shopping cart. The processing of this order validates the order and confirms the agreement of the buyer with these conditions.

When validating his order, the buyer automatically agrees these general conditions. The validation implies that the buyer agrees upon ordering the product at the price determined in the order. The placement of the order is like a signature and has the same value as a written signature.


Arctis BVBA can not be hald responsible for damage by using the Internet such as unavailability of the website, virusses ...

The customer agrees that his/her personal data is valid. Arctis BVBA can not be held responsible for interpreting the personal data wrongly after wrong entry by the customer.

Examples are wrong delivery addresses, slow delivery due to customer error. All costs in this context are bound to the customer.

Arctis BVBA creates the Trialshop website with great detail. If certain content is not valid, Arxctis BVBA can not be held responsible. Arctis BVBA has the right to change this information without further notice. Links to other websites implicate that Arctis BVBA is not responsible for the content on this third party site.

Privacy statement

Arctis BVBA may collect your data with the aim for a batter service.

Personal data is only used internally and only for events linked to Arctis BVBA unless the customer specifically disagrees.
The customer may alter his/her data at all times through the website.

Rights of ownership

All elements on the Trialshop website – both texts and visual elements – are protected by copywriting laws.
People who wish to link to our website need to ask permission by Arctis BVBA for using text and/or visual elements on that website.
Unwanted links need to be removed immediately on demand by Arctis BVBA.

Validity of general conditions

The general conditions are valid as soon as the customer places an order on the Trialshop website. The general conditions are valid until the maximal lifespan of a product or guarantee linked to a certain product.


The general conditions are valid for all deliveries by Arctis BVBA unless specified otherwise.

The products on the Trialshop website are bound to the description offered by Arctis BVBA. Although we do our very best it is possible that errors may be present. Arctis BVBA can not be held responsible for this.

Price offers and pricing is only valid as long as the product is available at the distributor or manufacturer. Complaints to placing an order and buying an article need to be sent within 5 working days to Arctis BVBA. If this is not the case, Arctis BVBA will not accept these complaints.

None of both parties will fail its contractual agreement so far the execution is not slowed down, limited by coincidence or force majeure.
Fore majeure means everything of which both parties have no control over, circumstances, unwanted by both parties... (e.g. a nuclear disaster...)

The party victim of such event shall need to inform the other party within 5 working days after determining the facts.

These general conditions are bound to the Belgian right of trade and are bound to the court of law of Dendermonde, East-Flanders, Belgium.